1. Vickie

    I couldn’t have read this at a better time. I’m struggling to love my pregnant shape and have been thinking for a while about getting some photos taken. I HATE having my pic taken (preggers or otherwise!), but I also think I’ll regret not doing it, so I have just messaged a friend of mine who’s hubby is a photographer to see if he’ll take some photos. Thank you for giving me the nudge I needed.
    Oh, and thanks for making me cry. Again 😉

    • Sorry about the crying (you’ll have to get used to this, it doesn’t go away) but I am SO glad you’re going to have some pictures taken, you look beautiful with a bump and you will love looking back on them. I hope it will also help you see how amazing you look. x

  2. Tracy

    You look amazing! x

    I’ve had three babies and I wish I’d have had some naked bump pics taken. The closest I have is of me wearing a hideous maternity swimsuit. I was covered in chicken pox and I did NOT look happy, possibly because I was itching like mad. My hair looked fab though! 😉

    You’re such an inspirational lady, Corinne. I’m sure that more women will read this post and be inspired to get their bumps out. If only I’d have seen this a few years ago…

    • Oh Tracy, the chicken pox story made me chuckle, that does not sound like happy photos! I’m glad I had the chance to take pictures in my later pregnancies. Thank you for the lovely comment. x

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