Desperately Seeking Symptoms

So, it’s 5 days before my period is due and too early for a pregnancy test, but that doesn’t stop me (or Gareth for that matter) symptom spotting.

Here’s our list.

1. I am tired and struggling to wake up in the mornings. Obviously must be a pregnancy thing and not that I’m actually tired most of the time.

2. I felt slightly┬ánauseous after lunch yesterday. It must be pregnancy sickness. Even though I’ve never got pregnancy sickness.

3. ┬áI’ve been in a foul mood all week and had a really short temper. It is bound to be pregnancy hormones, not that I am grumpy much of the time.

4. I didn’t fancy coffee this morning. I might go off coffee if I’m pregnant. Sometimes I don’t fancy coffee.

5. I keep crying at things that are really not sad, again, this is obviously due to pregnancy hormones making me weepy. This has nothing to do with the fact I am an emotional wreck most of the time.

6. I’ve fancied ice cream for 3 evenings in a row, I usually only like ice cream when I am pregnant, though some other times I also fancy ice cream.

7. My stomach is a bit swollen, surely that happens now? Even though if I am pregnant the baby would be the size of a speck and actually IBS often makes my stomach swell to make me look 6 months gone.

That’s it for my list for now, I’m sure there’s more and that more will follow. Someone knock me out and wake me on Tuesday.


What’s going on in that belly?