1. Alison

    Hey:-) all I can say is good luck! I hope things turn out the way you want them to!

    Also i’ve not forgot about emailing you re bubbys room makeover!

    and (your the second person i’ve told, bubby was first!) we’re also trying, well, not trying to prevent getting pregnant, if that makes sense?!

    good luck to you my lovely, you’ll be hearing from me soon:-)


  2. I am one week and one day late! I messed all the dates up! So I am also symptom spotting too – I too have a swollen belly but sometime get IBS. Sooo tired, but that could just be because I’m working had haha and have also been nauseaus a bit! haha.
    Good luck again! x

  3. Argh too scared! Going to leave it and wait and see. been trying over a year so I hate the disappointment!

    Let us know about u! x

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