I started my own mothering blog after reading Bonnie’s blog at The Shape of a Mother ( Her blog is inspirational; I visit it daily and often cry reading stories from women who love their bodies, hate their bodies, who are proud of their bodies and lots in between.

I posted on Bonnie’s blog during my pregnancy, a time when I generally feel pretty happy with my body as everything seems to fit and I feel happy wearing tight clothes and showing off my bump. I said I loved my body at last but I didn’t truly feel it until I read my own post and saw my photos. I finally took a completely objective look at my body as a whole, I looked at me as I would look at another woman and realised I liked what I saw. This was my first post there

I went on to post again and this time I really felt that my body had achieved a great deal

I am telling you all this because on Friday my final post appeared on SOAM, I felt like I needed to ‘end’ my story on there SOAM is a wonderful site and I would recommend anyone who is struggling with coming to terms with their post pregnancy body to look at the site and read other women’s stories. There are such a range of stories and women that you will find someone who feels like you and who looks like you, that alone can change how you feel about yourself. I started by reading women’s stories and wanted to hug them and tell them to give themselves a break and in the end I gave myself a hug and a break too.